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Investment Portfolios Designed with Your Best Interest in Mind

Guided by the fiduciary standard of care, you can trust that you will get objective investment recommendations and unbiased advice that is in alignment with your goals and always in your best interest.

Tenets of a Clear Philosophy

The Allocation Decision

All investors must decide on a mix of purchasing power risk and market risk—we help our clients make that decision and build a portfolio suited for their unique situation and goals.

A Focus on the Controllable

We avoid the risks we can and manage those that we cannot. Diversification ensures exposure to the best performers and reduces the downside that comes from the laggards. Our approach seeks to outperform, not outsmart the market.

Positioning For Long-Term Success

Our portfolios target empirically proven sources of higher returns. In stocks, we tilt toward lower valuations, smaller size, and higher profitability. In bonds, we seek term and credit premiums when markets offer compensation for such risks.

Managing Expenses

While investors cannot control financial markets, they can control what they pay. Our deep commitment to helping our clients keep more of what they earn in markets helps set us apart from our competitors.


Latest Market Videos

Our discussions with Industry Leaders are designed to keep our clients informed and up to date with the latest market information.

An Introduction to Alternative Investments

with Ironsides Asset Advisors

Trust Company’s Approach to Alternatives

Alternatives investing has become an increasingly important allocation decision for many accredited investors. Investments in alternative asset classes such as private equity and private credit can be effective ways to diversify market risk, manage portfolio volatility and earn substantial long-term returns.

Trust Company and its partners maintain an extensive and experienced network from which to source alternative investment opportunities. Our professionals help determine suitability for each client and then evaluate, execute and manage investments across a broad range of alternatives strategies.