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Styles of Investment Management: A Webinar with Dimensional Fund Advisors

By Trust Company of the South


To help families feel empowered as they build and preserve their wealth, Trust Company of the South has launched a webinar series to grant an inside look into how we think about the markets, manage portfolios and keep issues that arise at bay. For our premiere webinar, Daniel Tolomay, chief investment officer of Trust Company of the South, is joined by Jake DeKinder, head of client communications at Dimensional Fund Advisors, an asset management firm with a long history of applying academic research to practical investing.

During this webinar, Tolomay and DeKinder explore the different styles of management available for investors and how Trust Company of the South decides which is the best fit for client families. Also, considering today’s uncertain environment, they also discuss the risk of volatility in the markets and how it may impact different styles of investment management. Some of the topics covered by Tolomay and DeKinder include:

  • An overview of the three main styles: active, indexing and evidence-based
  • The downfalls of active managers trying to time the market
  • Why active managers rarely outperform their benchmark
  • How leaving returns on the table can impact long-term wealth-building goals
  • The ways index managers are moving in the right direction
  • Hidden issues that can arise within the index fund construction process
  • How evidence-based managers help create the most successful investment experience
  • The importance of investors embracing uncertainty and trusting the research

After examining the three approaches to investment management, Tolomay and DeKinder discuss the benefits of the evidence-based style, which Trust Company of the South utilizes for investors hoping to maximize returns over time with the most flexibility, diversification and lowest cost. If you have any questions about evidence-based investing or any other style of investment management, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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