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A Year in Review & What’s Ahead: A Webinar with Dimensional Fund Advisors

By Daniel Tolomay


To help families feel empowered as they build and preserve their wealth, Trust Company of the South has launched a webinar series to grant an inside look into how we think about the markets, manage portfolios and keep issues that arise at bay.

After discussing the different styles of investment management in our premiere webinar, Daniel Tolomay, CFA, chief investment officer of Trust Company of the South, is now joined by Apollo Lupescu, Ph.D., vice president at Dimensional Fund Advisors, to explore the tumultuous year for investors that was 2022.

In addition to providing a brief recap of the past year, Tolomay and Lupescu also provide a historical perspective of the events that impacted the markets and economy and the implications that these events may have on portfolios moving forward. Some of the specific topics covered by Tolomay and Lupescu include:

  • How investors can incorporate different international markets and asset classes to help circumvent challenges in domestic indexes
  • An overview of last year’s volatility and the typical causes, impacts and duration of bear markets through a historical lens
  • Why all bonds are not to same and the importance of having an experienced advisor to help figure out which type is right for your portfolio
  • Past volatilities experienced in the bond market the lessons investors can learn from this data
  • The importance of paying attention to equity valuations and the potential implications of a decline in valuations

While the recent past for stocks and bonds may have been bleak for some investors, Tolomay and Lupescu believe that based on historical indicators, this may be the year for a comeback. However, in order to be on the upswing, it is important to properly allocate your portfolio with an experienced advisor by your side. If you have any questions about evidence-based investing or any other style of investment management, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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