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Institutions & Endowments

We are committed to providing the best possible service to meet the unique needs of our institutional clients. We proudly partner with large and small institutions and non-profit organizations to promote their mission and growth.

Service is in our roots

Our service to non-profit clients began at our firm’s inception over 30 years ago.

With a desire to serve deeply ingrained in our culture, our Wealth Advisors and principals routinely sit on non-profit boards in their communities, sharing perspective gained from our collective experiences.

A Tailored Approach
Centered on Your Mission

Effective Governance

We’ll annually review and confirm that the organization’s governance procedures are sound.

Open Communication

Productive dialogue between the board and Trust Company during regular reviews helps ensure the account is managed in a dynamic yet consistent manner.

Comparative Analysis

We’ll compare your organization’s asset allocation, spending and other policy decisions to local and national peers. We’ll also annually self-evaluate our performance through benchmarking studies and analysis.

Optimize Gifting Strategies

A hands-on approach with board members and large donors can optimize gifting strategies to help you reach donation goals, and we’ll assist with cash and securities processing as needed.


“Working with Trust Company of the South has given us an enormous amount of stability and credibility. When we speak with donors about setting up a new fund for a scholarship or setting up a fund for a specific field of interest, we routinely will bring out statistics, show historical returns. And it means a lot to know that there is a partner out there that’s gonna help our donors realize their dreams.”

Chris Sawin

President and CEO
The Outer Banks Community Foundation

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