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A Conversation with Trust Company of the South’s Investment Strategist Burke Koonce



During this episode of Trust Company Talks, host Bill Noble sits down with his co-host and Trust Company of the South’s investment strategist, Burke Koonce, to delve into the topic of investment strategy. However, their conversation doesn’t stop there. Koonce also shares about his fascinating side hustle producing award-winning financial documentaries, which have gained recognition on popular streaming platforms like Netflix and HBO Max.

While writing about investing strategy and producing financial documentaries both draw on Koonce’s passion for storytelling, these activities also involve the behavioral component of investing, which is arguably even more important than technical expertise over the long haul.

During this episode, listeners will also learn about:

  • The many hats worn by Koonce as Trust Company’s investment strategist
  • Where Koonce finds inspiration for writing about specific investing subject matters
  • How Koonce discovered he had a passion for storytelling through both written and film formats
  • How Koonce’s position at Trust Company has helped him craft successful financial documentaries
  • An overview of Koonce’s two documentaries, Betting on Zero and Gaming Wall Street, and the lessons investors can learn from them
  • How producing financial documentaries helps fine-tune Koonce’s own investment expertise
  • The best books for individuals who are interested in learning more about investing

As always, if you have any questions about anything discussed during this podcast episode or Koonce’s documentaries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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*Please note: This podcast is a re-release and was originally published on December 5, 2022. Thus, information in the podcast may have changed.*

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