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A Conversation with Trust Company President and CEO Bill Smith


In this episode of Trust Company Talks, hosts Bill Noble and Burke Koonce are joined by Trust Company of the South’s own president and chief executive officer, William H. Smith, for a conversation about the history of Trust Company and what lies ahead for the firm and the clients and markets we serve. And as much as Bill Smith would have liked to avoid it, we did manage to get him to talk about himself just a little. During this episode, listeners will learn about:

  • Bill Smith’s background that led him to the financial services industry and how Smith spends his time outside of the office, from family to philanthropy
  • The history of Trust Company and how Smith’s family grew the firm to what it is today, while maintaining the firm culture of families serving families
  • How Trust Company helps its clients transfer their values – along with their assets – to future generations
  • Smith’s advice for up-and-coming business leaders

Trust Company Talks is a production of Trust Company of the South, one of the premier wealth management firms in the Southeast. Trust Company is a privately held firm based in Greensboro, NC, with offices in Charlotte and Raleigh. You can find more episodes of Trust Company Talks on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Podcasts. Receive the episodes as soon as they premiere by subscribing today.

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