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The Magic Behind A Christmas Carol: A Conversation with Ira David Wood III

By Trust Company of the South


In this festive edition of Trust Company Talks, hosts Bill Noble and Burke Koonce sit down with Ira David Wood III, executive director of Theatre in the Park, as he prepares for his final year of portraying Ebenezer Scrooge in his very own musical adaptation of A Christmas Carol.

Throughout the conversation, they discuss David’s childhood memories in Enfield, North Carolina. They also delve into his extensive career as an author, actor, and producer and his work with Theatre in the Park—an organization dedicated to providing a quality theatre experience to a diverse audience base in Raleigh and the surrounding area.

Theatre in the Park’s iconic production of A Christmas Carol has been a community staple for over 50 years, and they dive into its iconic history and positive local impact. Here, David emphasizes the importance of humor in connecting with the audience and the overall transformative power of theater.

Additionally, the conversation touches upon the nostalgic elements of Christmas, its ability to bring out the inner child in us all, and the emotional resonance of holiday performances. David encourages people to embrace the bittersweet feelings that often accompany the season, acknowledging the Christmas blues and the power of art to uplift and bring joy. David also openly shares his thoughts on legacy, death and who may take over the infamous role of Scrooge.

Overall, this conversation highlights the communal environment and transformative power of theater, teaching all who are a part of it never to underestimate the strength of kindness, hugs and encouragement.

We hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did, and as always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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