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The Power of Collaborative Giving: A Conversation with Gavin Stevens of The Alamance Community Foundation

By Trust Company of the South


In this episode of Trust Company Talks, we sat down with Gavin Stevens, executive director at Alamance Community Foundation (ACF), an organization dedicated to strengthening Alamance County through inspired and collaborative giving. The foundation was established in 1991 in Burlington, North Carolina, and, as a long-term partner, Trust Company of the South has had the pleasure of witnessing the organization’s impact on the Alamance community first-hand.

Throughout the conversation, they discuss ACF’s history and role in collective giving and supporting community needs. The foundation serves as a hub for connecting donors with causes and providing support, including helping individuals who want to support the community but are unsure about specific needs. They also discuss Alamance County’s unique position as a rapidly growing area with diverse economic development and how the foundation is crucial in addressing challenges arising from this growth, such as shortages in early childcare services.

Additionally, Gavin shares her thoughts on the transfer of wealth and the need for intentional, long-term planning in the non-profit community. She also shares the impact of inflation on charitable giving and ACF’s strategies for navigating these economic challenges.

Community foundations play a vital role in fostering collaboration, addressing community needs and creating a lasting impact through strategic philanthropy. Here at Trust Company of the South, we encourage anyone who desires to make an authentic, tangible difference in your community to connect with a local community foundation, such as the Alamance Community Foundation. As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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