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Our Core Values

By Matthew Hornaday, CPA


In our 27th year of operation as an independently owned North Carolina trust company, we remain dedicated to providing exemplary client service and establishing lifelong relationships. We are committed to building upon our solid foundation so that we will not only be in business to serve our clients for the next five years, but for the next generation and many generations to come.

Trust Company’s core values are an essential component of our foundation. These basic tenets support our vision, shape our culture, and reflect what our firm values. We live out our principles through our words and actions each day, and reinforce our core values through quarterly performance reviews with each employee. These values guide our firm in making wise decisions, clarify our firm-wide identity, and help us to recruit and retain top talent. The five core values outlined below are the essence of Trust Company’s identity.

1. We exude honesty and integrity. Our team demonstrates honest, ethical behavior in all interactions. We go to great lengths to meet our commitments and will not make promises that cannot be kept. As a fiduciary, we act with transparency and put the interests of our clients ahead of our own. We exude honesty and integrity.

2. We treat others with respect. The key to any relationship is building genuine trust and respect. We are cooperative, considerate, and tactful in all interactions with clients, prospective clients, co-workers, colleagues, and vendors. We treat others as we would like to be treated. We treat others with respect.

3. We are committed to excellence. We demonstrate enthusiasm and take pride in the work we perform. Our team is challenged to and continuously develops their talents, skills, and knowledge. We strive not just to meet the expectations of our clients, but to exceed them. We are committed to excellence.

4. We help first. Our employees put the interests of clients and team ahead of their own. We share new information in a timely manner with interested parties, and demonstrate an appreciation for others’ time and priorities. We help first.

5. We get it done, efficiently. We deliver on our promises and obligations to clients and co-workers in a timely and thorough fashion without taking short cuts. We are well-trained and accomplish tasks efficiently. We follow time-tested firm processes and encourage our team to ask “why”, which drives continuous learning and improvement. We get it done, efficiently.

Our core values shape Trust Company’s actions and interactions each day. We are excited about the future of Trust Company, the strength of our team, and the culture we have built. We value your business and look forward to serving you for many years to come.

Matthew Hornaday is Chief Operating Officer and a Principal in Trust Company’s Greensboro office.  In addition to managing client family relationships and several nonprofit client relationships, Matthew is also responsible for establishing and enhancing Trust Company’s operational controls, procedures and people systems, ensuring the continued financial strength and efficiency of the company.

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