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Navigating the M&A Landscape: A Conversation with Thomas Lyon & Mark Phillips



In this episode of Trust Company Talks, hosts Bill Noble and Burke Koonce are joined by Thomas Lyon, partner at Manning, Fulton & Skinner P.A., and Mark Phillips, founder and managing director of Lamkin Road. Their conversation explores the current state and impact of the M&A market, processes, valuation dynamics and the experiences and challenges faced by business owners. The group also discusses key advice for prospective sellers and buyers and the psychological aspects of selling a business.

Specifically, they talked through:

  • The current state of the M&A market, especially as interest rates rise.
  • The top issues for sellers and buyers in the current market.
  • How long the acquisition process takes and why it’s crucial to start early and assemble the right team.
  • How to know the right timing to sell your business and expert advice for sellers in today’s market.
  • How to prepare your key employees for a sale and the right time to announce the sale.

We hope you find this conversation as valuable and enjoyable as we did. As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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