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Fighting for Justice: A Conversation with Chris Mumma

By Trust Company of the South


In this episode of Trust Company Talks, hosts Bill Noble and Burk Koontz are joined by Chris Mumma, the executive director of the North Carolina Center on Actual Innocence. During their conversation, Mumma shares her insightful journey from a career in finance to her current role, seeking justice for those wrongly imprisoned.

During the episode, some of the topics listeners will learn about include:

  • The factors that drew Mumma to the Center for Actual Innocence and its mission
  • The establishment of the NC Center on Actual Innocence to address wrongful convictions
  • How Trust Company of the South currently works with exonerees as fiduciary advisors
  • Key issues that need to be addressed by the legal system, including expanding the use of recording in detention facilities, providing bias training and implementing uniform checklists
  • The Center’s involvement in a high-profile case to exonerate Daniel Green, and why she believes he is innocent
  • Why policy changes are necessary to increase the reliability of convictions

The podcast episode concludes by discussing the non-profit nature of the Center for Innocence. The Center relies on donations and grants, with 45% of its funding coming from exonerees who pay it forward to help others who are wrongly imprisoned. Mumma hopes that as the center progresses, more foundations will become interested in supporting their cause, leading to further growth and impact.

If you are an exoneree or are interested in donating to this cause, please do not hesitate to contact us. Here at Trust Company of the South, we work with exonerees, acting as their fiduciary advisors and helping them reintegrate into society. We provide investment strategies to maximize their finances, assist with tax payments and trust fund allowances and provide them with ways to maximize their second chance at life.

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