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A Conversation with Mark Roberts of Ironsides Asset Advisors

By Burke Koonce III and Bill Noble


As volatility and uncertainty in the public markets persist, many investors are searching for new, or rather alternative, ways to diversify their portfolios. Amidst this backdrop, Trust Company of the South’s Bill Noble, director of client relations and development, and Burke Koonce III, investment strategist, are joined by Mark Roberts, chief investment officer at Ironsides Asset Advisors, for a conversation about what’s really happening in the world of private equity and alternative investing.

During this episode, listeners will learn about:

  • What makes an asset an alternative investment
  • The difference between private equity and hedge funds
  • The advantages of incorporating alternatives into traditional portfolios
  • How private equity has evolved and what it means for investors
  • The ways market volatility in the public sector impacts the private equity market
  • Which types of investors may reap the most benefits from alternative investments
  • The minimal portfolio size to get exposure to these types of investments
  • Opportunities and challenges in private equity today

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