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A Conversation with Trust Company Chief Investment Officer Dan Tolomay

By Burke Koonce III and Bill Noble


In this episode of Trust Company Talks, hosts Bill Noble and Burke Koonce are joined by Trust Company of the South’s own chief investment officer, Dan Tolomay, CFA, for a highly informative conversation about a wide range of investment topics and Dan’s tried and true history with our firm over numerous market cycles.

During this episode, listeners will also learn about:

  • Dan’s background and how he came to join our firm
  • What having a CFA designation means and the process to obtain one
  • A typical day as the CIO at Trust Company of the South
  • Our unique approach to managing investment portfolios
  • How tax harvesting funds can be an effective strategy during market volatility
  • Our long-standing partnership with Dimensional Fund Advisors
  • Our investment philosophy and why it includes a global approach and alternatives
  • The role an investor’s behavior plays in the success of their portfolio
  • How Trust Company has evolved throughout the past fifteen years

Trust Company Talks is a production of Trust Company of the South, one of the premier wealth management firms in the Southeast. Trust Company is a privately held firm based in Greensboro, NC, with offices in Charlotte and Raleigh. You can find more episodes of Trust Company Talks on Apple PodcastsSpotify and Google Podcasts. Receive the episodes as soon as they premiere by subscribing today.


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